What To Consider When Getting A Mobile Toilet Rental

Mobile toilet rentals are a practical solution for outdoor events, construction sites, and any location lacking adequate restroom facilities. However, there are several factors to consider before you secure a mobile toilet rental. This article will guide you through the essential aspects to help you make an informed decision.

Determine Your Needs

Before renting, you need to determine how many units you'll need. This will depend on the number of attendees or workers and the duration of the event or project. 

The service that you hire can help you decide how many toilets to get based on the number of people at your event. If alcohol is being served, or if the event lasts longer, you may need extra units.

Type of Mobile Toilet

There are various types of mobile toilets, from standard units to luxury trailers offering amenities similar to indoor restrooms. Standard units are typically more economical and are suitable for construction sites or casual outdoor events. 

Luxury units, featuring lighting, sinks, mirrors, and even air conditioning, are more appropriate for formal events like weddings.


You must consider the need for accessible units for attendees or workers with disabilities. Ensure the rental company provides ADA-compliant toilets, which have features like handrails, more space, and wheelchair accessibility. They should also meet all local and federal laws regarding accessibility.

Location and Placement

Choosing a location for your mobile toilets is crucial. They should be placed on level ground, in a convenient location that's not too far from the main event or work area, but also not right in the middle of things. They should be easily accessible but discreetly placed.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Cleanliness is a significant concern with mobile toilets. Inquire about the company's cleaning and maintenance procedures. For long-term rentals, the company should provide regular cleaning, restocking of supplies, and waste removal.

Delivery and Pickup

Coordinating the delivery and pickup is crucial. The units should be delivered and set up well in advance of your event or project start time and picked up promptly at the end. Clarify these details with the rental company to ensure smooth logistics.

Cost Factors

The cost of renting a mobile toilet can vary widely depending on the type of unit, rental duration, and additional services required. Basic units are the most affordable, while luxury units with extra amenities are priced higher. If you're renting for multiple days or weeks, ask about discounts for long-term rentals. 

Remember to factor in the costs for delivery and pickup, cleaning and maintenance, and any extras like hand sanitizers or luxury amenities. Always request a detailed quote to avoid unexpected charges. 

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