Tips For Renting Luxury Restroom Trailers For An Outdoor Event

If you are planning a future outdoor event and need to rent luxury restroom trailer facilities, then these tips will help ensure success:

Tip: List All of the Important Details for Your Event

Before reaching out to restroom rental companies, take a minute to list all of the important details of the event you are hosting. 

The list should include:

  • the event's date
  • the event's location
  • the number of attendees
  • where the trailer will be placed

In addition, it is important to make note of any attendees with special bathroom needs. Some of the most common are those living with physical challenges and parents with babies or small children.

This is important because although most people would prefer to use a luxury restroom trailer than a single-user portable toilet, they are not ideal for every user.

For example, attendees who have physical limitations may find trailer stairs challenging to navigate. In this case, a single-user portable restroom is a much better choice.

Tip: Examine the Venue for Restroom Trailer Access

Single-user portable restrooms can be placed just about anywhere. However, restroom trailers need a large, flat, space to be parked on. 

To ensure your chosen venue can accommodate a bathroom trailer, visit the site and verify there is:

  • no low-hanging tree limbs
  • a wide, large, flat area
  • power and water availability

Once you know where you want the trailer to be set up, then you can communicate the specifics of the space with the rental company. 

Tip: Get Written Quotes and Compare Them to Each Other Prior to Renting

If you live in a large enough city to have multiple sanitation companies offering luxury restroom trailer rentals, then take the time to get a written quote to supply bathrooms for your event from each. 

Once you have the written quotes in hand, then compare them to each other to decide which company best meets your needs and budget.

After you have chosen the right one, then make a reservation and pay your deposit.

Tip: Reserve a Luxury Restroom Trailer Well Before Your Event Date 

As you can imagine, there are many more single-user portable toilets available for rent than luxury restroom trailers. For this reason, it is vital to reserve a luxury trailer as far ahead of your event as possible. Reserving early ensures more trailers will still be available and also gives you ample time to shop around for the best deal.  

For more information, contact a local luxury restroom trailer rental company. 

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