4 Contaminants That Might Affect Water Quality

The water you receive in your house is probably dirtier than it seems; the piped water you drink, cook, and shower with may have contaminants that could be the reason for health issues affecting your family. But do not worry. You can remove all these contaminants by installing a water treatment system and enjoy clean and safe water. This article will highlight four contaminants in your piped water and how a water treatment system can help eliminate them.

1. Lead

This is one of the most harmful contaminants in contaminated water. It can affect your kidney and brain. There are measures in place to remove lead from piped water. But they might not make your water completely lead-free. Lead could still get in your faucet water from natural deposits and corrosion of metallic pipes. Generally, dissolved lead is invisible and odorless. Seek lead testing and invest in the right water treatment system to ensure the water you use at home is lead-free.

2. Arsenic

This naturally occurring metal can get in your water from natural rocks or industrial waste. Just like lead, you cannot tell its presence in the water since it is colorless and odorless. Unfortunately, arsenic can affect your health. But you can eliminate arsenic from your tap water by installing a reliable water purification system in your home to keep arsenic-related issues at bay.

3. Bacteria and Microorganisms

Piped water may contain bacteria and microorganisms such as E.Coli that can cause nausea, vomiting, fever, fatigue, or diarrhea. The symptoms may be more severe for children and older people and could even lead to death. So, if you have been dealing with stomach upsets that never end, your tap water may be the culprit. Get in touch with a water treatment company today. They will hook you up with a tried and tested water purification system to remove these pathogens.

4. Nitrates

Fertilizers are rich in nitrates, and they can be washed into water sources such as rivers and lakes during the rainy season, leading to contamination. Consuming a lot of water with nitrates can affect the ability of blood to transport oxygen throughout your body. This makes it more important to invest in a water treatment system to eliminate nitrates from your water.

As you can see, there are many contaminants found in your piped water. The best way to eliminate them is by investing in a quality treatment system. These systems are capable of eliminating the contaminants from your water to ensure you and your family can enjoy clean and safe water

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