5 Ways a Supplement Product Testing Facility Can Help Your Business

If you are in the process of developing a supplement, you are going to need to work with a third-party supplement testing facility to test your product. This will allow you to certify your supplement's safety, which will help you effectively market and sell your supplement. There are lots of different types of testing that a supplement testing service can provide you with.

Way #1: Ingredient Review

When you sell a supplement, consumers will want to know precisely what is in your product. A supplement product testing facility can test your product and provide independent verification that the ingredients you list are actually in your product and verify that there are no additional ingredients in the product. This will help establish that your product is what you claim it to be.

Way #2: Impurities and Residual Analysis

When you make a food-based product such as a supplement, impurities often get into the product during the production process. With a supplement testing facility, they will test your product for impurities and residuals that may have gotten into your product. Some impurities are natural; you want to make sure the impurity rate is very low and see what you can do to improve your production process.

Way #3: Toxicity Screening

When making a supplement, it is important to make sure that there isn't anything toxic in your supplements. That could completely derail not only your product but also your entire business. That is why it is important to have an independent laboratory verify that your products are not toxic.

Way #4: Marketing Claims Validation

If there are marketing claims that you want to make about your product, it is helpful to be able to back up those claims with evidence. A supplement testing facility can test your products for any marketing claims that you want to make so that you can truly say that any claim you made was verified by an independent third party, increasing the likelihood that informed consumers would believe your marketing claims.

Additionally, you don't want to be sued for false advertising, so having a third-party supplement testing facility verify those claims can prove that your marketing claims were tested and verified by an outside party.

Way #5: SDS Safety Date Sheet

You will need an SES safety data sheet, which is a formal document that outlines any hazards with the product and handles guidelines to keep the product safe. This is an important formal sheet to have.

When you are making a supplement, you need to work with a supplement product testing facility, such as Daane Labs, which will run a wide range of formal tests on your products. These tests will help you meet federal and state guidelines and requirements. They can also be used to ensure your product's quality and provide verification of any claims you want to make about your product.

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